Television Make the Quality of Life

Television is a telecommunication medium that is used for transmitting and receiving moving images and sound. TV’s broad reach makes it a powerful and attractive medium for advertisers. Since inception in the US in 1941, television commercial have become one of the most effective, persuasive, and popular methods of selling products of many sorts, especially consumer goods. Televisions really do give off radiation. But having said that, it is only a little bit of radiation and it is not that dangerous. Nowadays, television is anywhere in the world. It is fact that television is a great invention; it brings a lot of interest to people’s life. Therefore, there is a question people should think about that is whether television has a positive impact on people’s lives or not? Because the most popular leisure in the world is television, there are a lot of tomes spend in television.

In my opinion, television has a negative impact on people because watching too much TV provides many disadvantages for children’s future and their health. It does not only effects of physical and mental health, but also effects communication with family and friends. For example, children do not know the difference of fantasy life and real life; unfortunately, much of television programming is violent today, it would bring children to a violent world. Also, Children have less playtime and physical activities in open space with their friends while watching TV. Moreover, watching TV will affect the child’s vision, nerve, and language development.

In short, watching TV programs too much is absolutely not good for children, both physical and mental health. When they watching too much TV programs, they will not have time to play at open playground, and they will cause them having unhealthy physical development, such as overweight or unmoral blood pressure. Also, due to a lot of TV programs contained a lot of violent elements, and most children have not abilities to differentiate between real life and a fantasy world, sometimes they will imitate what people do in TV programs, and that usually leads to harms both physical and mental. In other words, parents should only allow their children watching TV in good timing and watching active TV programs that would have positive impacts on children.



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