American History

I read this article on both “Patriot’s History of the United States” and “People’s History of the United States”.  I really like the sentence Henry Kissinger said, “History is the memory of states.” I am a Chinese, so I did not really know about that before I was read this article. First, I learned that what the history is. This article talks about United States nearly six years of real history and the society’s corruption.  In my opinion the history is not only talk about the good things but also talk about the bad things. I mean that should show all real events. To the contrary, even though Morison does not forget the history of mass murder and used the word “Genocide”, he did not talk about lot of truth. However, he summed up the true character of Columbus and talk about lot of things he think important.

Fortunately, I finally agree with this writing style which historians should choose the severity of some historical facts when I finished my reading. Another, probably every historian think this is very natural thing in china. Because, I have learned Chinese history before and it is always show a lot to positive impact on our history. Conversely, there are not too much words for bad things. At first I could not understand why these historians to bury the truth. In the other words, I am very disgusted with this behavior for. However, I think it is does not matter and maybe will good for our behavior and thought because some historical figures are modern idol.

There is a thing I found very interesting for me in this text is that society’s corruption. There is show that “no society is free from corruption”. I agree with that it is abnormal. Also, American freedom is not established or enough if it does not focus on responsibility and virtue. Responsibility is very important for the family and the world that are reason why I want looking for a husband of responsibility even though he like freedom.

Finally, I think this reading is very help me to know American history



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