Why it is Okay to Cry

I read a very interesting article that I am following. The article’s name is Why it is Okay to Cry, the reason why I willing to read and write my opinion is that cry is very normal in our life. Sometimes, when I happy, I cry; when I sad, I cry. However, My father told me that as a child, crying is a sign of weakness. Therefore, I should not cry and need be strong. My father’s point make me very hard when I was sad because I am told from a young age that I shouldn’t cry or express anger and that is an incredibly damaging concept”. Another, I very agree that crying is not a sign of weakness, it is a natural response to certain emotions. I think we are expressing emotions that need to be out. Crying can balance our mood, and emotion crying activates the endocrine system. After I crying, I feel better, maybe it reduces my stress.

There is a interesting phenomenon, we’ll ignore each other when my boyfriend quarrel with me, but if I cry he will hug me and apologize to me. I think it is very sweet and I think cry will improves my relationships. his one’s for all the guys. Women generally have little problem crying in front of their friends, family and partner. This is due in part to the different hormonal makeup of the sexes. Well fellas it’s time to “Be a Man” and have a big cry with a close friend or partner. Seeing each other in a vulnerable state builds trust and strengthens the bonds between people. It also shows that you are capable of experiencing a broad range of emotions. So next time you feel a cry coming on, be brave and let it all out. Finally, for babies, cry is an very important communication with people, allowing them to show their emotions or need.

All in all, I think we just keep our feelings inside of us and cry when you have negative feelings.



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